SILVERSTONE - Silverstone

05 - 07 july


SILVERSTONE - Silverstone

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British GP: All you need to know

Silverstone hosted the very first race in the history of Formula 1. It took place on 13 May 1950, to kick off the inaugural season of the Formula 1 World Championship. British Grand Prix might be its official title, but to the vast majority it’s just Silverstone, signaling a weekend when on really gets a sense of what it is to be passionate about motor sport.

The British Grand Prix is one of the races still known as the “Grandes Epreuves,” one of the old European races that holds its own, despite fierce competition from richer venues outside the Old Continent.

British GP: the home stage for many teams

It is the longest running event on the F1 calendar, an honour it shares with our home race, the Italian Grand Prix. Silverstone is always one of the highlights of the season as it’s home to the majority of race teams.

It is also a celebration of a sport the British are good as members of this island race have won more races than those from any other nationality. Taking place in early July, there is a chance the weather will be kind to the thousands of campers who arrive at the start of the week. However if it rains, the fans and their camper vans could be stuck there for a few days.


A cornerstone of the world championship

The British Grand Prix is one of the original Grandes Epreuves of the Formula 1 World Championship. The race was run five times at Aintree, 12 at Brands Hatch, with all the others taking place at Silverstone.

Silverstone is at the heart of England’s Motorsport Valley and the home track for many of the teams whose factories are all located within a few kilometres of the circuit.

From the mid-70s onwards, the GP winner received an ancient and historic trophy that weighs 3 kilos and is 64 centimetres tall. It was made entirely from gold, by a master goldsmith back in the Victorian era in 1871. For obvious reasons, the cup is only used for the official podium ceremony, with an exact replica then being given to the winner.

5.891 km
306.198 km
1:27.097 Max Verstappen (2020)
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