Our team is also continuing its path of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The biggest reduction in emissions stems from the use of entirely green electrical energy to run the factory from 100% renewable sources both in Italy and in the UK, and with a local company providing district heating from its biomass plant to our facilities in Faenza. In accordance with our green energy vision we recently installed 330 solar panels on our staff car park with provision of charging points for electric vehicles and we will soon be building another bigger photovoltaic power station with a first step of almost 600 kWP.

Other initiatives. Single-use plastics are no longer allowed within our facilities, which is also the case for the Energy Station race track hospitality unit, itself made of wood and the ne plus ultra when it comes to clever use of space and light weight which reduces transport costs. Furthermore, we are supporting the construction plants producing energy from renewable sources in various countries around the world. Our staff can also make a difference, through the city of Faenza’s “Bike to Work” scheme, whereby an app monitors the distance covered cycling to and from work which is then offset against the company’s annual carbon emissions. While moving a race team around the globe attending 23 Grands Prix has an impact on the environment, here too our Logistics department is always looking to use the most energy efficient means of reducing our carbon footprint while travelling. Put together, all these initiatives mean that our company is very much on course to reach carbon neutrality and the environmental goals set for the sport by Formula 1 and the FIA.

We are all now fully aware that this is the time to act and commit to the sustainability of our actions. Climate change is affecting the lives of all of us and only recently our home town of Faenza has been hit by floods and heavy rain which has led to extensive damage, affecting our friends and employees. To the city of Faenza go all our thoughts at this difficult time”, commented Enrico Fastelli, Facility Management & HSE Director.

We are therefore very happy to announce the achievement of these important goals on our path towards net zero carbon and the sustainability of our business. However, these are only steps, we must continue to take all opportunities and look at innovations, processes and relationships from a new perspective: performance with less impact. It is an epochal challenge and Scuderia AlphaTauri wants to win it together with the whole world of Formula 1 and motorsport.