It is a brand new plant, just set up and run by Enomondo, a company established by two major companies based in the Emilia-Romagna region, Hera and Caviro, the latter being based just a very short distance from our factory here in the Faenza industrial zone.

Our factory is state of the art when it comes to technological and industrial innovation and also in the field of environmental sustainability. In order to reduce the major component of emissions related to our production activities, our Sustainability Programme involves replacing the use of methane gas with district heating from the Enomondo thermo-electric plant, powered by biomass.

This was officially opened a few days ago in the presence of local authorities and senior management from the companies involved.  It is already producing electricity and thermal energy in a unique plant, mainly relying on renewable fuels from urban, agricultural and food waste. These ensure almost total recovery with obvious benefits for the environment as well as cost savings. Much of the waste, such as marc, comes from wine production by the Caviro Group and the cuttings from public greenery, at Faenza’s Caviro Extra factory. By burning these fuels, the Enomondo Group produces steam at high pressure and temperature which then passes through a turbine to be turned into electricity. The plant has a total power of 7.5 MW and today it supplies our factory, a bakery and some private customers.