Visa Cash App RB Academy Programme, Operated By MP Motorsport

Race 1 – Finish Position: 13, Start Position: 15
Race 2 – Finish Position: 8, Start Position: 14

“It’s very special to be able to represent Visa Cash App RB on an F1 race weekend: to have their livery on the car and the Team come support and watch me race on the weekend. The first race was really tough for me, there was an incident I couldn’t avoid and it caused my front wing to come off, so I had to pit and couldn’t do much. I had a 30 second gap from the leader so I just had to drive and just make the most out of that. Race Two, however, went really well for me. We had a good start and from there we just kept on gaining positions, overtaking and making the most out of the race. We were P8 half way through the race, which was followed by a few safety cars. It put me in a really difficult position blocking but still we were able to catch up to the drivers up front and made up a few positions to P6. I’m feeling good looking to the next race, after this weekend we learnt a lot from the tyres, so we are going to maximise that and find better ways to improve our qualifying in the upcoming races. Overall, it was a very special feeling competing with the Team; I wanted to do make them proud and I am happy I was able to do that today and hopefully more to come.”


Red Bull Racing Pepe Jeans Academy Programme, Operated By MP Motorsport

Race 1 – Finish Position: 9, Start Position: 13
Race 2 – Finish Position: 5, Start Position: 12

“This weekend, the environment was amazing and we got to experience the atmosphere and the fans of an F1 weekend for the first time which was great and so different. During the first race, I made really good progress and I also gained quite a few places from P13 to P9. The second race saw me get P5 from P12 on the grid; the race was a bit weird for me but I managed to stay out of trouble and there were a lot of post-race penalties which shifted positions. It wasn’t my best performance as I felt like I should have pushed a bit more aggressively, which could have gained me a few positions but we were able to get some points which was important for us and hopefully we can work better for Miami. In general, the car felt great on the track: the high-speed corners were amazing and it was an experience to race and have it come together in this circuit. Overall, it is great to race somewhere close to home and I am looking ahead to Miami. I am feeling more confident as we ended strong and hopefully we can work on improving ahead of Zandvoort. We have a few set of changes and some things we can try with the car so hopefully we can make positive changes ahead of the next race. I can’t wait to share each race with F1 and it has been a good experience with the Team.”


Red Bull Ford Academy Programme, Operated By MP Motorsport

Race 1 – Finish Position: 12, Start Position: 16
Race 2 – Finish Position: 12, Start Position: 16

“The result this weekend was not really I was hoping for. We had a difficult qualifying which put us starting at the back of the grid for the races, so it was hard to fight for the points from here. During Race 2 on Saturday, we had a really good pace and I managed to gain a few places. It was a bit unfortunate that I needed to do a pitstop because I lost my front wing and then got 10 second penalty, so I unfortunately missed out on the points. Looking to the next race, I need to work a lot and focus on what I should improve from last weekend so I can have a better weekend in Miami. We have testing in Zandvoort coming up soon where we can work on this and put everything into practice and focus on improving. It means a lot to me to race on F1 weekends. There is a lot of support from the Team, which has been great and the track in Jeddah is amazing to drive and we have loved the circuit. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the weekend I was expecting but we look forward to Miami.”


About Red Bull Academy Programme
The Red Bull Academy Programme is sponsoring three cars and drivers for the F1 Academy 2024 Season, who will be competing for MP Motorsports in the F1 Academy series.