Three-day Total:
367 laps (Daniel: 210 // Yuki: 157)
1,986.204 km (Daniel: 1,136.520 km // Yuki: 849.684 km)

Yuki Tsunoda #22

DAY 1:    1:34.136 – 64 laps | 346.368 km
DAY 2:    1:38.074 – 40 laps | 216.480 km
DAY 3:    1:30.775 – 53 laps  | 286.836 km


“Testing went fairly smooth. We didn’t exactly follow our run programme as there were some issues with the track, but we responded well to them. I felt the car has made a good step forward compared to last year, so I’m happy with it so far. The balance has improved, and especially the front felt strong. We still have to find more with the rear, but it’s moving in the right direction. I completed many laps over the last couple of days and it was a good experience that allowed us to collect good data and help find the limit of the car. Looking at the timesheet, we’re not last, but it’s difficult to know where we are compared to the rest of the field, so I’m excited to start racing again next week.”

Daniel Ricciardo #3

DAY 1:    1:32.599 – 52 laps | 281.424 km
DAY 2:    1:31.361 – 88 laps | 476.256 km
DAY 3:    1:37.015  – 70 laps | 378.840 km

“I think testing has been good and we’ve definitely developed the car from last year. I completed plenty of laps and feel pretty fit. Unfortunately, there were some issues on track with the drain, and we were worried we wouldn’t get our race run in, but luckily, we did. I did some short runs on Day 1 and 2 and race simulation this morning. In terms of performance, I think we’re where we expected to be. We’re aiming to fight in the midfield group and we’ll try to make the most of what we got. Overall, it was a smooth test, so I don’t think we leave here with any concerns. We made some gains and know where we are, but if we want to make sure to fight for Q3 and points consistently, there’s certainly a bit more we need to find.”

Peter Bayer (CEO)

“It was great to see the Visa Cash App RB come alive in all its beauty and for the team to come back together, fully motivated and happy to push with the new identity. We’re also happy to see the positive reaction of our fans, whom we thank for their continuous support. Now, after a very productive three-day test, we have lots of data to analyse, and I think that’ll help us be well prepared for next week’s first race of the season here in Bahrain.”

Laurent Mekies (Team Principal)

“It’s been a great moment to see the Visa Cash App RB team officially hitting the track for the first time. We have a fantastic group of people from the factories in Faenza, Bicester and also from our PU partner Honda, and it has been a privilege to work alongside them for the first time at the racetrack. Of course, we have a long path ahead to build and develop our team to the level of competitiveness we want to target. However, we have started in a positive manner in Bahrain this week and executed a solid programme which will be key to our in-season development. There’s no doubt that Race 1 will jump at us very quickly now, and we certainly have a lot of work to do to be prepared at the level we want to be at.

“Finally, I would like to thank Daniel, Yuki, and everyone from our factories for the hard work and the fantastic spirit shown so far. We can’t wait to be back next week and start racing!”

Alan Permane (Racing Director)

“It’s definitely been a positive three days for us. The car has run very reliably all week, and we’ve gathered a huge amount of data. We focused our efforts on quality testing, taking time to do setup changes and understanding the car. We’ve mixed that with some long runs and did a full race distance with Daniel today, which went faultlessly. We’ll now use the upcoming days to analyse the data we’ve collected and learn from it, to take not only into the Bahrain race weekend but of course, the upcoming races.

“I’m super happy to be here and really looking forward to this season. I’ve found an analytical team that I feel uses what we’ve gathered to move the car and team forward. Everyone here at Visa Cash App RB is very excited about the upcoming season, and we look forward to finding out more about the pecking order after next weekend’s race.”